Highly Focused Messaging Exclusively to the Parkinson’s Disease Community

  • Measurable ROI – Television advertising is offline, which creates an information gap between the referral source/content ( i.e. commercial) and the intended conversion event (i.e. email signup or website referral). As a result precision analytical tracking and iterative learning process are hampered. Our method of advertising is connected 100% to the intended conversion events.  This allows us to quickly learn what works and what does not and to make changes in real time to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

  • Introductory Demonstration – With a modest investment we will prove our value. By week two we can launch your digital campaign. In week three enough data will be available to optimize.  By week four we provide a robust report detailing the precise value of your investment.

  • Superior to Television – We communicate with the Parkinson’s disease community much more effectively and affordably through social media. Don’t spend money communicating with people that are not Parkinson’s disease patients, loved ones or providers.

Uniquely Specified Resources

Our team was built from the ground up with the purpose of finding Parkinson’s disease patients seeking additional treatment options.

  • Data Aggregation Team- our offshore clerical team allows us to efficiently create massive but highly targeted audiences to suit your specific criteria.

  • Educated Recruiters – our in house team of professionals hold scientific collegiate and post graduate degrees and are trained at our movement disorders clinic and research site.

  • Technical Capabilities– advanced web development and design, HIPAA compliant infrastructure, and unrivaled digital tactics.

  • Medical Direction– integrated and highly involved collaboration with a movement disorders specialized physician enables unparalleled advantages.

As we took on more difficult trials in 2017, such as those for REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, Lewy Body Dementia and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, we further refined our capacity to successfully target even the smallest niches.

Imagine a football stadium with 100,000 people. 

When you speak to this audience through television, you reach 20 people who will potentially benefit from this massive audience. Our football stadiums are similarly packed with 100,000 people, and have over 9,620 who could immediately benefit.

Choose to drive down overall marketing costs, increase the number of impressions the target audience receives, or do both simultaneously. Research Catalyst’s methodology is more than 600 times as efficient as television advertising.


Over 600 times more efficient than television advertising.


We effectively and extensively communicate with broad and highly specific PD audiences.


Our success in marketing to specific PD and Atypical Parkinsonism cohorts is proven through our work in PSP, DLB and PDD.


We reduce your risk with short term commitments and lead based payment options.

Largest PD Group on Facebook with over 10,000 Members

We own, administer and moderate the largest Parkinson’s disease group on Facebook.

  • Market Research

  • Branding and Awerness

  • Advertising & Direct Communication

This group is an excellent resource that can be quickly expanded and geared to expedite market research.

Massive engagement demonstrates our ability to effectively reach the Parkinson’s community.

This post targets people with advanced Parkinson’s disease and achieved the following results.

  • 377,298 Impressions – measure of how often this post was on screen for the target audience.

  • 214,208 People Reached –number of people who saw this post at least once.

  • 11,260 People Taking Action – number of people who engaged with our business after seeing the ad (i.e. shares, likes, comments.)

  • 1,162 Button Clicks – number of times people clicked the call-to-action button “Learn More.”

We can achieve similar results for each of the study sites.

We can deliver  commercial to +500,000 people associated with Parkinson’s disease in less than four weeks. People will do more than simply watch the commercial, they will share it with friends, comment, post in their personal feeds, and express sentiment through likes and emojis.

Video for Parkinson’s Disease & Dementia

This  particular video was distributed organically  focused on a single sites catchment area and geared to a highly niche group of people affected by the early stages of Dementia with Lewy Body. The results prove our ability to target geographically, demographically, and most importantly psychographically. The ability to target communication with such accuracy is simply not available through any other media.

Social Media’s PD Audience Size in the US

We have mapped over 1.5 million people in the United States to a Parkinson’s disease cohort through Facebook and Instagram.  In  2017 we communicated with the PD population in a big way.

  • 559,386 People Reached

  • 1,561,794 Impressions

  • 46,240 Engagements

Measurable Success

We limit risk, increase efficiency, reduce cost and expedite awareness by measuring often and extensively with these tools.

FacebookMeasure and Report
Code installation allowing algorithmic learning models to maximize objectives.
Real time activity monitoring, additional verification, detailed demographic and sales funnel information.
The most highly valued measurable action is the successful completion of forms that verify target user engagement.

Research Catalyst will provide substantially higher ROI for organizations attempting to communicate with the PD community than any traditional broadcaster.