Patient Education & Outreach Services

Serving patients first and the organizations that support them by communicating with the right patients about the right treatments through disease state awareness, branded advertising, advocacy center phone, email, and mail communication.

Disease State Awareness

Focused education campaigns with patient video and pertinent medical details derived from medical and market research to over 1 Million people in the United States highly related to disease state (primary patients and their loved ones.)

Focused Branded Advertising

Members provide detailed health information including current and past therapies used, and also report information pertaining to indications and contraindications for most treatments. Appropriate candidates for sponsored therapies can be assigned to target audiences and social media advertising can be directed to these highly select groups.

Advocacy Center Services

The advocacy program works. Patient Advocates historically reach 72% of high-quality candidates by phone within 30 days and over 50% of them immediately request to discuss the sponsored treatment with a nurse or other patient. Over 35% discuss the recommended treatment with their doctor.

Phone Calls

Specialty trained patient advocates empower highly qualified candidates to seek sponsored treatment options from their doctor in a fair, balanced, and ethical manner.


Qualified patients receive a series of informational emails about the sponsored treatment and a doctor discussion guide just prior to their next doctor appointment.


Membership welcome packets include sponsored materials pertinent to their condition and separate mailers delivered just prior to their doctor appointment can include a doctor discussion guide.

Massive Branded Advertising

Reach +1M Unique Highly Appropriate US Residents. Never before has there been such a powerful way to deliver branded pharmaceutical media to a highly selective audience at such a sizable scale in a compliant manner.

Search Based


Search Based Advertising

This method requires the patient to come to you by searching for a keyword. This is useful but very limiting.

Profile Based


Social Media

Targets profiles, not keywords. You go to the patients to deliver the message opposed to waiting for them to ask the question.

47,600,000 Facebook users over the age of 55 in the US as of January 2018

Approximately 92,800,000 people in the US are over the age of 55

Research Catalyst works with clients to determine what constitutes a high-quality candidate for the sponsored treatment with whom RC should aim to communicate. This is very similar to the inclusion/ exclusion criteria in clinical trials. Advocacy resources, mailers, email communication, and online advertising will be focused on the target audience. Through the collection of more than 100 data points Research Catalyst can identifies patients that have less or more advanced disease, dyskinesia,  or who have specific motor or non-motor problems such dementia, psychosis, etc.

Advanced PD Cohort Example

  • Are you interested in learning more about clinical trials and treatment options that might be available to the patient based on your answers to this questionnaire? (Yes)
  • Has your doctor been diagnosed with any of the following conditions? (Select all that apply)
  • How many years ago was the patient diagnosed: (4 or more years)
  • Does the patient’s diagnosis interfere with day-to-day activities or quality of life? (Yes)
  • Has the patient been hospitalized in the last year due to their mental health condition? (Yes/No)
  • The patient/caregiver agrees to the site policy and privacy agreement. (Yes)
  • Has the patient received a prescription therapy for their diagnosis? (Yes)
  • Can the patient tell when the prescription medications wear off? (Yes)
  • Is the patient interested in learning about different treatment options for their diagnosis? (Yes)
  • The patient is taking or has taken and stopped at least 2 of the following mental health medications: antidepressants, anti-anxiety, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers: (Select all that apply)
  • Has the patient noticed an improvement in symptoms from the following medications: (select all that apply)
  • Is the patient using or has the patient previously used the sponsored treatment? (No)

Over 20K Profiles Like These

Candidate Profile Example 1

Candidate Profile Example 2

Creative Development

Techical Capabilities

Conversion Driven Web Development

Analytics Based Iterative Design

Responsive Web Applications

Rapid development, analysis and re-development to achieve campaign objectives such as target audience identification, brand awareness, doctor discussion guide downloads, etc.

Algorithmic Decision Modeling

Real time sophisticated data collection and processing capabilities.

Medically Guided Branch Logic and Routing

Medical algorithms enable real-time customized education so that the right patient learns about the right treatment options in real time. People with similar medical conditions are grouped into cohorts that feed Artificial Intelligence applications to further identify more qualifying people.

Artificial Intelligence

Highly Advanced Audience Targeting Capabilities

Human Aided Machine Learning

Specialized techniques and years of experience combining medical meta-data with social media profiles enable the capability to directly target patients that not only have been diagnosed with a specific disease but are also experiencing select conditions.

HIPAA Level Digital Security

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP Stack Experts)

Advanced and Robust Security Measures

Our security features include but are not limited to the following: Level 1 Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR), Encryption, Two Factor Authentication, Managed Firewall, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Managed Anti-Virus, Custom IP Reputation, Host Intrusion Detection System, Web Application Firewall, Logging, Vulnerability Testing, Multi-Tenant Isolation, Server Hardening, Anti-DDoS Management, SSL Certificate & Certificate Management, server security information and event management & LOGGER, Onsite and Offsite Back Up, Bootless Kernel Updates, and System Monitoring 

The Right Treatment for the Right Patient

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