Generate 1,000 Weekly Candidates

Through human-aided AI technology, Research Catalyst will target drive traffic by way of disease-state awareness marketing campaigns and engage highly thousands of highly specific patients experiencing treatment-refractory Major Depression Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Tardive Dyskinesia, and more.

Extensive Psychiatry Intake Questionnaire

Developed under the guidance of a key opinion psychiatrist, candidates provide answers to over 600 questions related to their current mental health diagnosis, symptoms, and medication history to advance science and find treatments appropriate for their consideration. Over 877,000 data points collected.

Relevant Experience in Psychiatry

History of publication and presentation for market medical and commercial purposes since 2019, to improve HCP prescribing habits to result in optimal patient treatment that is guided by Research Catalyst to address HCP misperceptions and knowledge gaps.

2 Million Monthly Impressions in Psychiatry

Delivering Psychiatric Disease State Awareness campaigns & Branded Education to a highly qualified targeted audience.

40K Webpage Views Monthly

The Parkinson’s Community website collect information from PD patient’s and based on their answers, provides customized education about treatments and research opportunities.

25K Detailed PD Profiles

Members provide answers to over 100 PD related questions and often share their medical records as well to advance science and to find treatments appropriate for their consideration. Over 877,000 data points collected.

19K Group Members

The largest closed Support Group for PD on Facebook allows patients to actively support one another in this online forum only for PD patients and their loved ones.

800K Monthly Impressions

Delivering Disease State Awareness & Branded Education to the right people at the right time.

The tech team can reach over a million people related to Parkinson’s disease in the United States.

We specialize in one thing, supporting patients with Neurological Movement Disorders by leveraging technology.  Our success is derived from outstanding and intricate knowledge of the clinical trials process, industry leading expertise in neurology, and mastery of digital communication including social media, pay per click, organic marketing, HIPAA compliant digital infrastructure, and artificial intelligence application.

  • Advanced Digital Marketers 

  • Parkinson’s Advocacy Program

  • Neurological Clinical Trials Experts 

  • Established Database and Infrastructure

By effectively communicating with over one million people affected by Parkinson’s Disease in the United States, Research Catalyst obtains thousands of  new profiles each month.  The database already contains many potential candidates for treatment and subjects for clinical trials who have answered between 50-108 questions about their condition and requested further communication by phone and email.

National Reach

Of approximately 1,500,000 people in the U.S. affected by Parkinson’s Disease we have reached 836,663 to date. Communication is well received as the Parkinson’s Community brand boast a 4.7 of 5 Star rating.

Medical Oversight

Every campaign is guided by the medical director, a movement disorders trained neurologist, renowned key opinion leader and principle investigator.

Regulatory Compliance

Research catalyst is versed in the MLR and IRB approval process. Maintains HIPAA compliant digital infrastructure, and operate in a methodology consistent with the intention of law as expressed by HHS and the FDA to provide candidates with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about treatment options and research participation.

Compliance Support

Upon term sheet approval by the client, Research Catalyst’s legal team will become available to support compliance concept review and the contract execution process.

The Right Treatment for the Right Patient

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