Payment Options

Add our services to your existing recruitment model and you will see for yourself that our capabilities are above and beyond anything you have ever seen before. Our campaigns can be run concurrently with other recruitment efforts or stand alone. With limited upfront investment required, you can safely increase the chance of completing recruitment on or before schedule with very little exposure. We have historically completed all Parkinson’s disease recruiting campaigns ahead of schedule and were successful in meeting or exceeding randomization objectives. We would like the opportunity to do the same for you.

The all-inclusive plan is paid in advance every 4 weeks. This is a stable payment option that mitigates variable cost and always stays within budget. The client is in control to cancel at any time, so we are motivated to not only perform but to keep you updated and informed.

Plan includes all setup and operating costs such as advertising, infrastructure and staffing:

  • HIPAA compliant digital infrastructure
  • IRB reviewed and approved advertising
  • Marketing budget and campaign management
  • Call center services
  • Online medical record release form capture
  • Automated responsive online pre-screener
  • Physician review of candidates for placement
Choose to implement a high-quality lead-based payment model.

After a trial period to acquire the information needed for pricing, clients may choose to only pay when we find candidates that meet trial specific specifications. Our model is based on a graduated payment schedule as we find increasingly qualified candidates for your trial; initial outreach phase, further qualification and initial informed consent process, and finally definitive physician review.  This process markedly reduces the screen failure rate and reduces screening work at the site level.  It protects you by only rewarding strong performance. Finally, this model is carefully designed to maintain research integrity as well as the subject’s well being.

How does this payment model improve data quality?

Recruiters are not influencers. They are trained educators. There is no commission or incentive at any point within the process to compromise quality. As a result, only highly appropriate candidates are scheduled for screening visits. Payment is based on the achievement of predefined scientifically derived parameters that best achieve randomization goals while doing the right thing for potential subjects. We are only paid when we find the right type of people, provide the information candidates need to make an informed decision, and thoroughly review their medical records to assure randomization potential. Our reward structure is in line with your research objectives.

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