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See invitation for details.

The Director of Operations is responsible for the fulfillment of contracts through the management of the advocacy team in a manner that promotes the happiness of employees while retaining clients in an ever-increasingly more profitable way. This team member will produce, review, share and take action from weekly internal reports pertaining to staff productivity, communication efficacy (phone, email, and web), and member satisfaction. In addition, monthly reports will be produced for each client with objective performance metrics, qualitative feedback, and opportunities for growth and improvement.  Collaboration with the Director of Research and Development will be paramount during the development of a relative database with an operations-specific user interface with the intention to continually automate and improve upon operational processes. This member will lead team meetings at the onset of each week to assign tasks, maintain positive morale, receive feedback, and update the team on company news. In addition, each team member will have one weekly supervisory connection to review performance and provide support as appropriate. In addition to the responsibilities to clients and staff members, the Director of Operations continually surveys members to assure positive interactions with the company and supports the Director of Research and Development in executing tactics to increase overall community engagement. The Director of Operations is responsible for all subcontracted vendors and infrastructure associated with operations and oversees the office manager, human resources and accounting specialist, and technology providers. The member will define and redefine the roles of operational team members by developing well-organized and clear employee contracts that will be signed and delivered to the Chief Operating Officer and will provide detailed instruction associated with each contract through standard operating procedures published on the team resource web page.

Success within this position is measured by the satisfaction and performance of those managed, client contract retention and growth, member satisfaction and engagement, and the timely and quality completion of assigned tasks.

This position is eligible for a base salary in the 6 figures with a 10% profit share and a vesting equity position.

The Director of Research and Development is responsible for developing the technological infrastructure to support the operations team in a manner consistent with the organization’s mission to connect people to the best available treatment options. This requires the implementation of iterative processes that collect program efficacy data, and then identifies and acts upon opportunities for growth in a manner that ultimately can be used to attract the investment required to develop a Clinical Decision-Making System approved by the FDA with breakthrough designated Software as a Medical Device. This work will require strong data science capabilities, the ability to manage or produce a relative database internally to serve as the foundation for, initially a staff-facing interface, and subsequently a patient-facing interface with a social media-based organic growth and engagement characteristic.

The Director of Research will also be responsible for the management of a patient-facing application with a singular focus to organically attract patients and maintain engagement. Thereafter, the objective will evolve with the aim to automate the advocacy systems refined through the operations team to serve patients, clients, and ultimately payors in a highly scalable and effective manner.

The Director of R&D will be responsible for the technical development team in-house and all related subcontractors and will convey responsibility internally via employee contracts and externally through well-designed contracts supported by clear and detailed RFPs, wireframes, prototypes etc.

Success in this position is measured by the exemplary and timely completion of technical projects within budget, the development of a systematic process that continuously improves patient well-being in an objective and measurable way, and the organic growth of the member-facing application while maintaining meaningful retention and engagement figures.

This position is eligible for a base salary in the 6 figures with a 10% profit share and a vesting equity position.

A long-term project is to manage the development of a fully functioning React Native mobile App hosted in Google Cloud in a HIPAA compliant manner on a scalable and multifunctional database (to be developed by you.) The app will collect biometric data, connect patients with one another, will have a medication timer, compliance monitor, and integrates with applications to collect extensive amounts of health information. Conceptual designs have been completed.

  • You are an accomplished developer with a track record of success.
  • Relative database design and development is your forte, web design and development excite you.
  • You have experience managing full-stack app development projects.
  • Strong data science experience is required
  • Ability to code websites and emails is important
  • Ability to manage complex application development to support medical clinical decision making is preferred.
  • You can just as easily learn about medicine as you have technology.
  • You care about people and can fully commit to the mission to connect the right patients with the right treatments.

Your major solo mission is to develop a relative database to empower a team of advocates that communicate in mass with members. The UI will enable managers to sort information based on medical and contact details and assign tasks to advocates. From an advocate perspective, this improved functionality will help to retrieve and display relevant information while also streamlining additional information collection and coordinating future contact (essentially a specialized CRM).

This position is eligible for a base salary in the 6 figures with a 10% profit share and a vesting equity position.

Digital marketer with extensive skills with WordPress website development,  video editing/production, PPC, and Video Advertising capabilities. You need a variety of capabilities and talents including market research capabilities that inform creative multimedia development and are proven through advertising multi-variant management yielding high-volume leads at sustainable pricing. Your primary objective is to research the needs of a patient population and design a campaign to engage the community and collect contact and health information. From the market research, you conduct, develop multimedia advertisements w to be delivered dynamically in a conversion-optimized method. Track results of the campaigns, identify success attributes and repeat this process.

Essential Functions

  • On a day-to-day basis, you will be responsible for executing advanced techniques related to researching, developing, building and reporting on all functions of a paid media campaign.
  • Build Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns on Search and Social networks (ex: Google Ads)
  • Develop Video Posts and Advertising that engages people to take action on mental health issues including Social Anxiety, Depression, and Bipolar Disorder
  • Create and manage hyper-local PPC and Organic SEO campaigns to recruit clinical trials subjects
  • Iteratively improve campaigns based on ROI metrics
  • Execute tests, collect and analyze data, identify trends and insights in order to achieve maximum ROI in paid search campaigns.
  • Daily Management of bid monitoring and campaign testing to optimize conversion rates
  • Collaborate with Marketing Lead and Directors to share performance as well as short-term testing and crafting long-term strategies to meet client expectations
  • Perform competitive search analysis, as needed, and develop target keyword lists.
  • Analyze website traffic across multiple channels in-order-to recommend changes or make optimizations.
  • Audit campaign performance, tracking, pacing, settings and work with Analysts and Developers to ensure all landing pages, monitoring and tagging are correct.

Experience & Skills

● Experience in the healthcare industry is preferred

● Well-versed in performance marketing, conversion, and online customer acquisition

● Experience working across several advertising platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Microsoft etc.)

● Minimum 1-2+ years of experience directly managing PPC campaigns and video advertising

● Required experience with Google Analytics. Google Ads, Tag Manager, WordPress etc.

● Familiarity with A/B and multivariate campaign testing

● Balance of technical and interpersonal skills

● An eagerness to learn and explore in a constantly evolving field

This is a full-time position and requires high-level right and left-brained intellectual capabilities and substantial self-discipline and dedication to the process. Starting pay range is $50K-$65K/year.


  • In and Out of Office Hybrid Work Environment
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance
  • Flexible schedule
  • Referral program
  • Professional development assistance

As a member of Research Catalyst, you will join a team to advance medicine and connect the right patients to the right treatments in a manner that helps people suffering from neurological movement disorders. You will be responsible for learning about Parkinson’s Disease symptoms and treatments. You will also master the databases and business systems established to communicate effectively with patients in a fair, balanced, and impactful way.

Duties, Responsibilities and Skills

  • Spend 80% or more of your workday on the phone; making outbound calls to individuals with movement disorders (Parkinson’s Disease, etc.)
  • As a “Patient Advocate” you will provide information about potential treatment options, medications, clinical trials and share other appropriate resources. This is not a sales position.
  • Document detailed patient notes and maintain timely follow-up
  • Answer incoming calls and address patient inquiries
  • Ability to work independently and efficiently
  • Perform other duties, as required


  • Call Center or Healthcare/Patient Interaction Experience (minimum 1 year preferred. Marketing or Phone Sales Experience may substitute for either)
  • Excellent communicator (verbal, written and empathetic active listener)
  • Goal-driven while being able to manage ever-changing priorities
  • Computer Literacy = Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Databases, etc.


  • Bachelor Degree (Preferred)
  • Minimum 2 Years of College
  • 3 Years of Relevant Professional Experience (may) substitute education

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $18.00 – $25.00 per hour