Once all medical information and records are obtained, Dr. Kumar reviews to verify that the patient is an appropriate study candidate.

If the patient is thought to be appropriate, the recruiter obtains even more detailed information from the patient such as antiparkinson medication use, the pattern of response to each dose of levodopa, the pattern and nature of levodopa-induced dyskinesias if they exist, and the presence of specific non-motor symptoms (e.g. dementia.)

The recruiter also reviews the informed consent with the patient in detail and verifies that the patient wishes to participate in the study.  This information is then reviewed once again by the recruiter with Dr. Kumar. If the patient is then deemed to be appropriate to participate in the study, the patient information is then transferred to the nearest site to accommodate an initial screening visit.

The process of qualifying a patient takes from 35 to 65 days. This is an important consideration when scheduling and allocating advertising and recruiting resources. Research Catalyst completes this work for the sponsor and sites markedly accelerating subject enrollment.

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