Our campaigns can generate 50 to 100 Parkinson disease patient leads with motor fluctuations daily.

Historically, we have achieved a 4-5% randomization rate for these type of leads when recruiting for our site located near Denver, Colorado. With sites across the country the randomization rate will be higher. We currently fly subjects to our site from coast to coast.

In order to achieve these results we utilize leading digital marketing methods like search engine optimization, pay per click and social media marketing with scientific precision by deploying tactics such as:

  •  conversion value to cost tracking
  • sentiment tracking (making sure educational materials are well received)
  • focus on psychographics and regional targets
  • multi variant testing to optimize and expedite results
  • learning algorithms to drive down cost and better target the intended audience
  • monitoring and protection of educational materials
  • statistical real time extrapolation to identify and correct issues quickly

In addition we have built the largest Parkinson’s Disease Support Group on Facebook with nearly 10,000 highly active members. We asked a simple question to prove member engagement as well as willingness to disclose information: “Where is everyone from?” and received 340 answers in less than 24 hours organically.

Randomize Hundreds of Subjects

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